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Friday, July 30, 2010

Lets Play Flight Attendant (USA)

Description :

The glamorous life of an international flight attendant is yours! Serve the rich and famous in 1st class! Will they be a millionaire or a movie star?

Set up your hair, put on lipstick and choose your outfit for the day. Will you choose the trousers or will it be a skirt? Help customers at the check-in counter, make sure that their luggage is placed on the right airplane and serve them with refreshing drinks before their plane takes off. Make sure the security instructions are followed by the travelers onboard, inform them about your tax-free offers and prepare the serving wagon with tasty sandwiches! Keep track of which city you are going to fly to, admire your beautiful souvenirs and your rewarded medals in your own Air Hostess diary!

Game Language: English


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