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Friday, September 16, 2011

Alien Crush (USA)

Description :

Some classics can't be beat! Alien Crush is a pinball game that features realistic pinball action and superb 'biomechanical' graphics. Complete with a function to nudge the machine, this game feels like you're playing on the real thing!

Extra balls and bonus points are your keys to getting high scores! Aside from the Main Stage, there are also all sorts of Bonus Stages, such as "Centipede", "Alien", "Eyeball", and "Skull". These exciting and challenging stages each have objectives, which if you fulfill, will give you huge bonuses!

Pull off all kinds of tricks while enjoying intense pinball action!

You will need to copy NPUF30008 folder (downloadable content) from our releases on your memory card (ms0:/PSP/GAME/) to play the game. Turn on NODRM engine on PRO custom firmware or use NPloader from codestation.

Game Language: English


Clea iso.

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