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Friday, September 16, 2011

Victory Run (USA)

Description :

Victory Run is a racing game modelled on the 'Paris-Dakar Rally' which ran from Paris, France, to Dakar in Senegal. Experience an all-out, realistic rally race where you have to deal with vehicle damage, from engine failure to transmission breakdown! Scenery that changes depending on the time... The exhilarating feeling of speed... Intense crash scenes... Keep it runnin' right to the end of the unforgiving 8,077 mile long-haul course!

You will need to copy NPUF30015 folder (downloadable content) from our releases on your memory card (ms0:/PSP/GAME/) to play the game. Turn on NODRM engine on PRO custom firmware or use NPloader from codestation.

Game Language: English


Clean iso.

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