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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Tiny Hawk (EUR)

Description :

Pint-sized skateboarder Tiny Hawk rides through town in this skate-based platformer by Pekka Kujansuu. Get your momentum up by kicking hard on pavement to speed up your board in order to ollie up tricky stage layouts to grab all the Tiny Hawk tokens. Grinding on and dropping off rails lets you get through unconnected areas, and wall-jumping gives you a boost to get higher. Maintain your momentum and plan out your run in order to complete the level as quick as possible.

Based on the original Flash release, this revamped version of Tiny Hawk for the PlayStation Minis program contains all-new level structures and redesigned graphics.

Game Language: English

Fileserve, Uploaded, Filesonic

Clean iso.

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