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Sunday, November 11, 2012

디제이맥스 포터블 핫튠즈, DJ Max Portable: Hot Tunes

Description :

Pop songs, cool graphics and absolutely stylish gameplay are the staple of the DJ MAX franchise.

Hot Tunes contains all the fan-favorites from DJ MAX 1 and 2, the K-POP and J-POP songs that you adore could be found in this collection. However, this is not just a "best select" game, the music are remastered with cutting edge technology, so it'll be even more powerful.

Don't worry if you've never played this type of games before, you can train your reflexes from the 4 button beginner's mode and move up the difficulty level as you progress. The key is not the technique, the key is the fun.

Game Language: Korean, English, Japanese


Patched for all CFW.

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  1. links are down... please reupload to mediafire please...