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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Little League World Series: Double Play (USA)

Description :

This double-pack of baseball games celebrated the Little League World Series with the 2008 and 2009 versions of the popular franchise all in one box.

LITTLE LEAGUE WSB 2008: Bat, pitch and field your way from local sandlot slugger to Little League World Series Champion. The game features eight U.S. and eight international teams, extraordinarily deep character customization, World Series mode, and a full season mode that will challenge even the biggest Little League fan. In addition, six mini-game "Skill Challenges," stat tracking, talent power ups, and a range of collectibles give the title variety and depth.

LITTLE LEAGUE WSB 2009: In Little League World Series Baseball 2009, players have the chance to become a Little League World Series baseball Champion or play with up to three other friends in a variety of exhibition modes. New features include a full team editor, regional tournaments, all new stadiums, new skills challenges, an expanded set of collectible content and much more. Both versions improve upon the popular motion and stylus controls, respectively, for batting and pitching.

Game Language: English


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