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Sunday, April 24, 2011

TrackMania Turbo (USA)

Description :

Welcome to TrackMania Turbo: Build to Race, a combination of racing and track-building experience where you will build and race on some of the most insane tracks ever seen on Nintendo DS. In Single player mode, you compete against virtual opponents within a variety of fast-paced challenges in an attempt to win Medals and Coppers. Multiplayer mode extends the race action by allowing you to compete with friends using a single Nintendo DS system or via DS Wireless communication. In addition to a fun racing experience,

TrackMania: Build to Race provides you with a powerful 3D track editor. You can build your own tracks with the Touch Screen using hundreds of basic building blocks -- including roads, ramps, jumps, speed boosters and even loop-the-loops. The possibilities are endless! After construction, you can race on your track, save it and share it with friends.

Game Language: English, Français, Español


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